WorldRemit Quidco Offer – £55 Cashback

WorldRemit lets users send money to different countries, at the moment they have a quidco offer which can leave us very profitable and let us keep all our money. This is done by simply by sending ourselves money and therefore qualifying for the cashback!



  1. Register and create a Revolut account, you will need to download the app to your Andriod or IOS device.

  2. Open the “dashboard” tab located at the bottom of the app menu, tap on “Accounts” then “Show more”, Click on Add Account and select “EUR”.

  3. Tap on the new currency added in Account “EURO” and select “swift” from the swipe menu, take note of your “IBAN” and “BIC” numbers.


  1. Sign in or Register on Quidco.

  2. Find WorldRemit Offer using the search.

  3. Select the “£55 cashback” offer. You should be taken to the WorldRemit website. Or you may select “£30 cashback” if you want to spend less upfront to get less profit.

  4. Select a country within the EU to send money to (Eg – I’ve used France).

  5. On the next screen select “United Kingdom” as the sending country and choose “Bank Deposit” as your method. Select “send”, “GBP”, and enter £101 as your amount then click the “send” button at the bottom of the website and then click it again after checking all the details are correct.

  6. Enter your valid details on this page to sign up to WorldRemit and click next when you are done.

  7. On the next page enter your details, The only values that need to be changed to anything specific are these.
    Bank Name: Revolut
    IBAN: what we took note of earlier in step A.
    BIC: what we took note of earlier in step A.
    City / Town: Any City/ Town within France. (Eg – France)
    Mobile: Enter a France Phone No. if you have one or a random 10 number phone number starting with seven. (eg. – (+33) 7382950392).

  8. Click next and review all the details. Make sure to enter the Promo Code, “3FREE” so you don’t pay any fees on the transfer. Then select Next and complete the transaction.

  9. Once you complete the transaction. Your money will be sent within 1 – 5 working days to your Revolut account.


  1. In the app go back to the “Dashboard” tab and under accounts select “EURO”. Then select “Exchange” and enter the amount you want to transfer back to GBP and click “Exchange”

  2. All the money will then be changed to GBP and can be seen and spent within the “British Pound” account in the app.

  3. From there the money can then be used like any mobile back such as Monzo and can be spent online or in stores. Or you can just bank transfer it back to yourself within the App.

You’re Done! You will be credited £30-£55 in Quidco after your money was successfully transferred!

Profit£30 – £55
Upfront money needed£151
Estimated Time to complete10 Minutes
Needed to complete offerRevolut Bank Acount or EU Bank Account

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