Azimo Quidco Offer – £50 cashback

Azimo lets users send money to different countries, at the moment they have a quidco offer which can leave us very profitable and let us keep all our money. This is done by simply by sending ourselves money and therefore qualifying for the cashback!


  1. Sign in or Register on Quidco.

  2. Find Azimo Offer using the search

  3. Select £50 cashback if you are happy using £250 for this offer or select £25 Cashback if you only want to use £150.

  4. Select receiving country as “United Kingdom”.

  5. On the next page, enter “£151” and make sure currency is set to GBP, then select send now.

  6. Sign up using your valid details and continue.

  7. On the next page you must select Currency as GBP, and method as bank deposit, then enter your details. For the bank info, enter the information of a secondary bank account you have, not the one you are making the payment with. Then continue with the setup. If you are asked for a reason why you are sending the money, you can enter any reason.

    Note: if you do not have a second bank account you can create one for free using Monzo and they will also give you £5 for free once up finish signing up.

    8. Enter your bank details for sending the money and where the payment will come from and continue with the prompts until you have successfully sent the money.

You’re Done! You will be credited £25 – £50 in Quidco after the money was successfully transferred!

Profit£25 – £50
Upfront money needed£50 for £151 cashback, £100 for £251 cashback
Estimated Time to complete10 Minutes
Needed to complete offer2 Bank Accounts

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