Pingit Offer – £5


Pingit is an app developed by Barclays bank to allow people to send money to each other quick and easily. At the moment they are giving away £5 to each user who signs up. You don’t even need a Barclays account!

Note: This offer is easy, however, it cannot be completed on your own. It requires trust from the community. We have 20 Referrals we can give out at a first-come, first-serve basis to guarantee a 100% smooth offer, after that we will create a link to this offer in our community forum where users can give out their links. [Referrals Remaining: 7/20] 


  1. Download the pingit app from the App store or google play store.

  2. Do not register on the pingit app. Before that you need to be invited by someone to get the free £5. Leave your phone number below and one of our staff will invite you.

    Note: Our staff have limited referrals to ping, therefore after we have used all our referrals for the free £5, the option to enter your phone number below will be removed and replaced with a link to the discussion in our forum where you can find other users referrals. However, that will be at your own risk.

We do not share or publically display your phone number. A phone number is very personal and private and we keep it that way. We delete all numbers after we have invited you to pingit. By clicking “Send” you agree we can temporarily save your number for the use of completing this offer.

  1. You will receive a text from our staff, once you have received the text, you can register on the app. Make sure the number you register with is the same number that we have sent the sent to. You will need your bank account details.
Here is what the text you will get roughly looks like.
  1. Once you have registered successfully. You will now need to make a transaction to get the free £5. Simply if you have a friend on the app, send them £1 and you will be given £5 in return, they can then send the £1 back to you and therefore you get £5 free.

    Or if you don’t have friends on the app. – Give our staff team a text back letting them know you have registered. You can send us £1 which we will send back to you, or we can send you £1, then you can send it back to us. Make you eligible for the free £5.

You’re Done! £5 for 5 minutes work :-)))

Profit £5
Upfront money needed
Estimated Time to complete 5 minutes
Needed to complete offer Uk Bank Account to recieve funds

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